The Triumph of Amphitrite by Hughes Taraval


The Triumph of Amphitrite by Hughes Taraval

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Twilight Lovers (1994) by Tina Fiveash

Inspired by ‘Girl’s Own’ annuals and the Australian Women’s Weekly magazine from the 1950s, Stories for Girls is a tongue-in-cheek attempt to recreate missing lesbian photographic history from an era where homosexuality was a criminal offense, and lesbians were forced to remain in the closet and keep their relationships hidden from society.

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  • Riley: We’re all messed up. Except you, Buffy.
  • Buffy: I’m the biggest mess there is, Riley.
  • Riley: No. No, no, no, because you say, “Eff it.” I tried to say, “Eff it” and I blew up my whole life. I just wanted to say, “Eff it,” “Eff you,” and I effed it. I effed it all up.


Marina & the Diamonds

July 21st, 2012 at Park West, Chicago

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Rococo ceiling detail, Schloss Charlottenburg

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Whenever I try to impress someone:


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